Board of Directors

Jennifer ONeal Collins , LMSW – Vice President

Jennifer O’Neal Collins is a LMSW in the state of Texas with extensive experience working in Behavioral Healthcare settings specific to counseling as well as Business Development Management. She is a graduate of University of Houston- Master of Social Work 2002. Undergrad with Bachelors of Arts in Psychology/ Minor Religious Studies year 2000). She has specialized experience in addiction and recovery, mental health, case management, religious studies, and physical health & kinesiology.

Ms. ONeal Collins has worked in the non-profit industry as a case manager and along with being the Co-Founder of  Brazos Valley Coalition on Suicide Prevention, not-for profit 501c3 corporation, she is Clinical Director/ Recovery Team Lead with Matthew’s Hope Detox and Recovery Program based in Houston, TX. She is a mother of two boys, 9 & 11 years old and currently resides in Montgomery Texas.

Ms. O’Neal Collins is a strong advocate for helping others live well and she uses her life-experience as a recovering alcoholic of 21 years, who also suffered from re-entry trauma after returning home from the Iraq war. She enjoys working with adolescents & women in recovery. She is passionate about living well in sobriety and is a strong advocate for the tenets of positive psychology.

Frank Hidalgo – Board Member

Frank Hidalgo is a General Manager for H-E-B Grocery Company. He has worked in the retail grocery industry for over 40 years. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Administration. He is strong advocate for mental health. He lost a son to suicide in 2017. His mission in life is to help those who suffer with mental illness to live better lives, and to advocate for funding and resources to support their needs.

Margaret Meyers – Board Member

I am a junior Visualization Major at A&M from Houston.  I am the president of Active Minds at A&M and the graphics executive for the Memorial Student Center Visual Arts Committee! I got involved with mental health advocacy my freshman year of college and since then have gotten many opportunities to make an impact on campus and in the community with organizations like Active Minds, BVCOSP, and NAMI.  I am also a certified peer support group leader through NAMI Connections and have my QPR for Suicide Prevention certification.  

Mary Mattingly – Board Member

Mary was born in Dallas Texas but moved to Houston with her mother at the age of 9. Graduating from St. Agnes Academy High School, she attended the University of Houston, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Upon graduating, Mary incorporated her interests in synchronized swimming, a sport she became involved in at the age of 10, into her first business enterprise, the Cherryhurst Swim School, which she owned and operated from 1973 until 1977.

Mary moved to Bryan/College Station in 1977 where she began her second business, the Reveille Oaks Child Development Center. She continued her pursuit of teaching children to swim and incorporated that skill into managing and operating a licensed child care facility.

Mary’s involvement in local support groups for families and loved ones of those with alcohol problems began at that time as a result of her father’s death from alcoholism. She started the first successful support group for teenagers after realizing no such service existed in the area. At that time, she was approached by a member of the Board of the Texas Commission on Alcoholism who had heard about Mary’s work with local youth. He asked if she would start a council on alcohol for the Brazos Valley area. Mary agreed and wrote her first grant in 1984 for $12,000 to start The Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol & Substance Abuse (BVCASA).

Mary became the first executive director of BVCASA and remained in that position until 1994. Under Mary’s guidance, BVCASA grew from an annual budget of $12,000 to one of $2.5 million. As service needs increased, Mary expanded the original mission to include the Straight Talk Hotline and numerous other community education programs. She also began the first men’s therapeutic treatment community in the area, which provided treatment using the therapeutic treatment community model for men leaving prison who had completed the in-prison therapeutic treatment program.

After leaving BVCASA in 1994, Mary worked with other non-profit organizations throughout the State, including obtaining grant funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to begin Texans Standing Tall, a state-wide organization operational today. In 2003, she was recruited from Montgomery County Youth Services, where she primarily wrote grants, to return to the agency she so dearly loves to run the prevention department and to write grants.

Since her return, she has obtained in excess of $29 million dollars in local, state and federal funds for the agency. To date, Mary is the longest serving executive director of BVCASA (10 years). During her more than 30-year dedicated, focused efforts, she has authored or co-authored more than $49 million in successfully funded grant and foundation requests for substance abuse services. She was recently named the “Prevention Professional of the State” and the “International Prevention Professional of the Year” Award from a slate of 250 candidates and received her award at the Texas Association of Prevention Professionals Annual Awards Banquet. Mary is also the 2011 Jefferson Award Winner and the 2011 You’re the Tops Winner.

Monica Palacios

Monica is the mother of a suicide victim. She knows too well the devastating impact suicide has on a family. Therefore, she is a very strong & vocal community advocate – working tirelessly for suicide prevention initiatives. Monica is passionate about suicide prevention in the Brazos Valley and often times shares her personal story in hopes of inspiring others to talk about the dangers of suicide, especially in our youth.

Ethan Partin

Howdy! My Name is Ethan Partin. I am a senior computer science major at Texas A&M University from Houston, Texas. While serving as Vice President for my fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, and learning about our national philanthropy, I discovered a passion for mental health. I look forward to making a positive change across campus and the community through the work I and my fraternity will do with the BVCOSP. 

Douglas Vance, Ph.D. – President

Dr. Vance earned his doctorate degree in Counseling / Psychology from Texas A&M University – Commerce and has more than 30 years of experience working with children, teens, young adults, & families in a variety of settings including mental health, education, youth sports, & juvenile justice; with 27 of those years serving at an executive level. Additionally, Dr. Vance served for a number of years as an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Sam Houston State University.

Dr. Vance is the President & CEO of Doug Vance Juvenile Justice & Corrections & Consulting Firm, LLC, a professional consulting firm recognized for providing exemplary training & consulting services in the fields of juvenile justice, education, corrections, & mental health.

In 2018, due to his passion to end suicide & it’s devastating impact on those left behind in the Brazos Valley, Dr. Vance founded the Brazos Valley Coalition on Suicide Prevention and currently serves as President of the Corporation.

Dr. Vance is also the founder & President of the Brazos Valley Coalition for a Christian Worldview – whose mission is to provide intercessory prayer, discipleship training, & advocacy for biblical principles within all sectors of society.

Due to his passion to end suicide in juvenile justice & corrections, in 2017 Dr. Vance created a first of its kind suicide prevention model specifically designed for the prevention of suicide of youth & adults in juvenile detention centers, correctional facilities, behavioral health institutions, & residential treatment facilities.

Dr. Vance also developed a resident behavior management system for use in juvenile justice that has been proven to significantly help reduce serious incidents; including assaults, suicide attempts, bullying, escapes, and child abuse, and that also helps reduce the use of more coercive means of control such as physical & mechanical restraints, isolation, and seclusion.

As a leader in the field of juvenile justice, Dr. Vance chaired multiple Texas state-wide committees that revised & made significant improvements to multiple Chapters of the Texas Administrative Code including:

  • 341Juvenile Probation Department General Standards

  • 343 – Standards for Secure Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Detention and Post-Adjudication Correctional Facilities.

  • 343 – Use of Seclusion for Secure Pre-Adjudication Detention & Post-Adjudication Correctional Facilities.

      • Revised the philosophy, practice, and use of seclusion in secure pre-adjudication detention and post-adjudication correctional facilities for the state of Texas creating a more humane and effective use of seclusion.

      • Added constitutional protections to use of seclusion

      • Provided means to ensure for the protection & constitutional rights of children suffering from mental illness & intellectual disability disorders.

      • Ensured for constitutionally mandated due process rights to be afforded throughout juvenile justice prior to the use of seclusion.

  • 344 – Employment, Certification, and Training for Juvenile Officers.

  • 355 – Created new Chapter in Texas Administrative Code –

      • Standards for Non-Secure Correctional Facilities

  • 348 – Standard for Juvenile justice Alternative Educational Programs