Suicide is largely preventable through awareness, education, planning, intervention, and treatment! Every person, family, school, church, business, and community should have a suicide prevention plan!

Mission and Impact

Our Mission is the elimination of suicide in Brazos Valley through influential activism & strategic partnership.

Influential Activism involves providing awareness & education that focus attention on issues pertaining to suicide prevention.

Advocacy initiatives involve lending support to policy, practice, initiative, & law that helps prevent suicide

Education initiatives involve presenting information regarding suicide statistics, trends, and related dynamics.

Board of Directors

Douglas Vance, PhD

Jennifer O’Neal, LMSW

Shawn Edwards

Margaret Myers

Mary Mattingly

Monica Palacios

Elizabeth Wagnon

Roger Martinez, PhD

Tracey Calanog

Katie Feider

Apurva Tandon

Kristin Strother

Kyle Kulesza