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Douglas Vance, PhD


Dr. Vance has more than 30 years of executive leadership developing others & building successful companies. Dr. Vance is the CEO of – Doug Vance Juvenile Justice & Corrections Consulting Firm, LLC & has served in juvenile justice as an Executive Director, Facility Administrator, Advisory Council Chairperson, Researcher, & Consultant. His work in juvenile justice included the development of standards of care now mandated for use throughout Texas as well as the development of an evidence-based suicide prevention model and a behavior management model both proven to reduce serious incidents & suicides in juvenile correctional & detention facilities. Dr. Vance is passionate about suicide prevention as thus founded the Brazos Valley Coalition on Suicide Prevention as an effort to break the stigma associated with depression & suicide ideation and also to teach others how to prevent suicide in youth, incarcerated juveniles & adults, veterans, students, 1st responders, families, seniors, law enforcement, schools, colleges & universities.