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TracePlus/Winsock is a powerful application-level performance and diagnostic tool for Win32 platforms.
Featuring an integrated data analyser, TracePlus moves beyond the realm of displaying API calls, being both a full-featured Winsock spy and data analysis tool.
Using its unique visual realtime display of Winsock activity, you can spot timing-sensitive Winsock problems, view error codes for failed Winsock functions, reverse engineer other Winsock applications without source code, interpret conversations between two Winsock applications, and learn how Internet protocols are implemented.
TracePlus will prevent a program from detecting that it is being run in a debugger.
Some well known applications have code in them that prevent applications such as TracePlus from revealing the way that they operate. Such applications abort immediately after they are launched, or disable certain features of the application when a debugger is detected.
TracePlus is aware of several different methods by which applications can detect whether they are being debugged. Via these same techniques, TracePlus indicates to the application that in fact it is not being debugged. Such applications will then run normally inside of TracePlus.









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What’s New in the?

A powerful and accurate application-level performance and diagnostic tool for Win32.
TracePlus (TCP/IP for Windows) is a full-featured Winsock spy that displays Winsock API calls (including socket creation, sending, and receiving) in real-time, intercepting all Winsock socket communication. It shows exactly which Winsock API call is being used, and when each call is made. And it makes it possible to determine whether a Winsock function call was successful, and to examine Winsock error codes.
With TracePlus you can:

View the Winsock protocol implementation of web and email servers
Identify Winsock functions being used in a source-level debugging environment
Reverse engineer and understand a TCP/IP application’s Winsock and Internet protocol implementation
Identify Winsock function usage in a TCP/IP application by watching its Winsock API calls in real-time
Analyze Winsock and TCP/IP connections
Determine whether TCP/IP is being used as part of a WCF (Web Services Conversation) call
Detect Winsock calls made by a TCP/IP application, which were not included in its client and server prototypes
Detect whether an application is in a client or server mode
Use TracePlus to reverse engineer other Winsock applications without source code, interpret conversations between two Winsock applications, and view each Winsock application’s internal protocol implementation.
Identify and trace Winsock and TCP/IP API calls in a process
Determine which Winsock function call was used to create a TCP/IP socket
Verify whether an Internet TCP connection is secure
Detect WebSocket (RFC 6455) connections and their Winsock socket parameters
Detect and view Winsock errors, exceptions and calls made by Winsock, Wininet, and sockets API applications
View Winsock protocol implementation of the World Wide Web

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows Vista/2008/7/8/10



TracePlus/Winsock Product Page:

TracePlus/Winsock Review by the Wolfire Team

Feature List:

This review covers a wide range of features, so let’s start with the “killer feature” of this application – “interpret conversations between two Winsock applications” – a feature that’s totally absent from other toolkits that support Winsock.

With this feature, if a pair of Winsock apps are speaking to one another, you can watch their conversation in real-time, or you can simply watch all the Winsock calls being made, to see which Winsock functions were used. All of the Winsock API calls are included – including Wininet and sockets API calls – as well as Winsock error codes.

TracePlus displays all the Winsock functions that are being called, and how they are being called, as the conversation proceeds. You can see

System Requirements For TracePlus Winsock:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 (3GHz/2.2Ghz)
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: 1GB Radeon 4850 (OR Integrated GPU)
Sound Card: Integrated Sound Card
Hard Drive: 23GB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive Space: 20GB
Internet Explorer: 11
Processor: Intel Core