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Shawn Edwards

Shawn is with The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office and serves as Crisis Intervention Deputy and Training Coordinator. He has over 24 years of experience in law enforcement and holds a Master Peace Officers License as well as a Master Jail License. His work experience includes 15 years as a Mental Health Officer. Shawn has served on a SWAT tactical team, Hostage/Crisis negotiator and patrol supervisor. He is a member of the Texas CIT Association, the Texas Municipal Police Officer Association, Texas Jail Association, Brazos Valley Crisis Network, and the Texas Sheriff’s Association. Shawn servers a board member with the Brazos Valley Coalition on Suicide Prevention. Shawn’s passion has been working in the mental health field alongside NAMI, LMHA, Mental Health facilities, Courts, Attorneys and law enforcement agencies to network and advocate for individuals with a mental health condition. Shawn is a TCOLE certified instructor and a field training officer. He has taught mental health courses to include Crisis Intervention, MHO and de-escalation courses. He is one of the States leading mental health instructors. In 2016, Shawn was recognized as the Officer of the Year in Burleson County. In 2021, Shawn was recognized as Mental Health Officer of the Year for the State of Texas for 2020, by the Texas CIT Association.