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Working with websites from an informational point of view, especially when wanting to search for particular data, can be a challenging task unless proper tools are deployed. Far from running manual searches, users can rely on Internet grabbers and other tools that can be used for extracting information according to certain set criteria.
Tag Translator is an application that was created in an attempt at offering a solution for those who need to extract information from websites, such as meta tags, as well as the primary data, such as text strings). Aside from the main extraction part, the app will also provide users with automatic translations for the grabbed content, via the Amazon Translate’s engine, which is bundled with it.
Users must be aware though, that in order to use the translation feature, they will need to create a corresponding AWS account, and use the AWS key and AWSSecret keys, that need to be inputted within Tag Translator when selecting the translation feature.
Having inputted their required URL, users can then download all the available information, and the application will yield it, structured in meta information, as well as the page body, which contains the general page data.







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• Browser: Tag Translator allows users to translate text strings extracted from a certain URL, as well as offering a general view for meta tags.
• Extractor: Tags Translator is an online extractor that allows users to see all the data available on websites, as well as the information extracted from the pages.
• Translator: Users can add their own AWS account credentials, and use the Translate’s engine to translate text strings extracted from a certain URL.
• Dumper: Users can export all the data extracted from a certain URL, in any available format.
• Restorer: Users can import extracted text strings into their Tag Translator account.
• Viewer: Users can preview all the data, and compare two different versions of the same page, through the use of the “Compare…” feature.
• Remover: Users can delete specific tags, as well as pages, through the use of the “Delete…” feature.
• Meta: Users can see all the available meta tags.
• Tags: Users can see all the available tags.
• Whitelist: Users can set their whitelist, and define which tags will be allowed to be extracted.
• Segment: Users can extract data from specific page ranges.
• Clean: Users can clean their text strings, and remove any data that they may consider irrelevant.
• Translation: Users can translate their text strings, and add their own AWS account credentials.
• Import: Users can import extracted data into their account.
• Google Translate: Users can select the Google Translate engine, and perform their own translations.
• Find: Users can search for any available text string on their website.
• Scan: Users can scan a page to get the available data.
• Detector: Users can scan a URL for any available data.
• Dump: Users can export the extracted data in HTML.
• Dump Image: Users can export the extracted data in JPG and PNG image formats.
• Dump Multimedia: Users can export the extracted data in MP3 and OGG formats.
• Dump Audio: Users can export the extracted data in MP3 and OGG formats.
• Export: Users can export the available data, in any available format.
• Automation: Users can perform all the operations through the use of the automation feature.
• Export Image: Users can export all the available images.
• Export Audio: Users

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The application is designed to “translate” certain keywords, to other languages, such as the general abbreviation “Meta Tag” being translated to “Meta Tag (Javascript)”, and so forth. While it may seem as a drawback, the fact that the application is meant to work in a browser only, means that the user has to wait for the application to be loaded, before it can start translating, as opposed to other applications, that, once loaded, can translate data almost instantaneously.
Note though that the meta tag translation ability is limited, and there are some key markers, such as the term “content-language”, that will not be translated automatically, even if the application is accessed from a website that is set to another language.
The application does give users the option of selecting between 8 languages, such as English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek.
The application can work with as many websites as desired, as it will export all available information to a CSV-file, once it has completed the extraction.
Information will be exported in its original format, with the exception of the meta tag itself, which will be converted to the chosen language, in a nice tabular format.
As far as the accuracy of the application goes, users can rest assured, as it has been extensively tested, and it was shown to yield “search” results that are virtually identical to the results that one can obtain using manual searches on a variety of websites.
The application works by extracting the specific information, according to the set criteria that the user provides, and stores it in an Amazon Cloud storage system.
Tag Translator Cracked Accounts runs on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and users can run it as a standalone application.
When performing searches, users are able to select whether they want the application to perform the search as a standalone search, or a search in Google, which will load the website that is being searched, as well as perform the search.
The app can be accessed via the Internet, and work regardless of the user’s location, as it is designed to work in a browser, and not require the installation of any external programs.
This is a fantastic application that has the ability to do exactly what its name suggests, and its use is quite straightforward.
The application is rather buggy, and has a number of bugs, which may be overlooked as being an

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Tag Translator is a tool, developed in PHP, that will allow users to easily extract data from websites.
The app will be able to gather meta data such as the title of the page, the URL, the image, and much more.
Users can also have their own selections of data, along with some predefined ones, to be searched upon.
Using Tag Translator, users can easily translate content from a website, thanks to the included Amazon Translate’s engine.
Feature List:
– Meta extraction
– Page body extraction
– Automatic translation for content
– User-defined custom options
– Customizable download options

This short tutorial will demonstrate the process of installing the WordPress Content Generator, and create a plugin. This process will be demonstrated on a single post installation.
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