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Cinematic Collection Viewer [Win/Mac] (Latest)

Cinematic Collection Viewer is a neat software solution that allows you to manage your CD collection easily and create a database with various items. It has an elegant user interface that integrates all sort of tools and features, from browsing through your collection to performing IMDB searches.
► Import items and create a database with lots of items
► Import items easily with a CD profiler or with one of the supported formats
► Export information on items
► Import information on items
► Import images and sort files by format
► Adjust the interface to your personal taste
► Use different skins
► Add several profiles and sort items by categories
► Add information on items or different cast or crew members
► Adjust the application in any way
► Create a list of items you’ve seen, own, ordered or are on your wish list
► Export different kind of information
► Adjust the font style, size and other features
► Include all sorts of items
► Use different sources for the import
► Browse through the created database to look for items
► Use IMDB search to look for specific items
► Add items to categories
► Configure the application to your personal taste
► Sync your items
► Freely browse through the items
The interface of Cinematic Collection Viewer is clean and has a modern look and feel to it. It has a black-and-white gradient background that allows you to import lots of items from your computer. It comes with a set of nice tools and features, including the option to browse through your collection or create a new database.
As mentioned above, Cinematic Collection Viewer is available as a command file. So you can download the application to your computer and run it. It’s available as a ZIP file that you could extract and run.
The latest version of the application is version 3.1.3, which is available on Google Play Store.

Create and manage a database of your file collection
Check out some tools and features
Work with various sources of information
Import information from supported formats
Adjust the interface to your personal taste
Cinematic Collection Viewer User interface:
The user interface is clean, simple and easily understandable. It’s got a black-and-white gradient background that allows you to import lots of files from your computer. It comes with a neat interface that has a set of tools and features to import information from various items.

Create and manage a database of your file collection

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· Interface Options
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The Import/Export program is used to import and export all video and audio files from your system to KeyMACRO.
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What’s New in the Cinematic Collection Viewer?

Cinematic Collection Viewer is a database for your CD collection and DVD library that provides a complete view of the content you have. You can get tons of information and tools to manage your collection.
The program allows you to add notes to files, to sort them, to organize them, to get and store information about them and to perform searches. You can create and edit profiles for movies, TV shows, IMDb and more.
Main Features:
1. Import CD, DVD or Video Library Information
2. Import DVD or CD Collection Information
3. Create Bookmarks
4. Edit and Search List Items
5. Keep and Edit Notes
6. Sort and Organize Items
7. Sort CD by Artist, Album, Year or Genre
8. Add New or Update Existing Item Information
9. Set a Default Folder for Image Importing
10. Resize and Adjust Layout
11. Get and Perform IMDb Search
12. Create CD Cover Artwork
13. Adjust Video Player Features
Cinematic Collection Viewer Mac OS X Screenshot:

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