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AEC Slope Download [Win/Mac]

• Facilitates the specification of river slope without the need for contour lines or an accurate model
• Maintains any option in your CAD application, e.g. object scaling and layers, if applicable
• Compatibility with most CAD applications
• Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
• Strictly maintain the geometry of your model
• Supports varying base types (point, line, edge, surface and arc)
• Reads data from most CAD applications, e.g. AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and Unigraphics NX

Envisage Geomatics currently supports the following base types:
• Point (X, Y, Z)
• Line (X, Y, Z)
• Edge
• Surface
• Arc
The output can be exported to various formats, such as PDF, JPEG, PNG and EMF.

AEC Slope For Windows 10 Crack is also available as a VB program and can be used to analyze slope stability of your own CAD models (free).

Version History:

1.6 12.02.2018 – Fixed a memory issue in the compact function when used in combination with other “clipper” tools.

AEC Slope

BUILDING andROAD elements(;);finds the length of the pipeline;needs all the information and color codes;saves the project as a dxf file.When you select elements, save the plot, obtain all the information you need, and then save the project as a dxf file.

I have a drawing containing a section of road.
I want to measure the slope and output this information in the drawing.


The following macros were developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to be added to the main template of AutoCAD.
Need to have a parametric line object to get slope

#Compute the Crown’s Coastlines

Need to create a linear array

#Finds the minimum and maximum X and Y from the linear array

#Creates a linear array (from XMIN to XMAX with step = xStep)

Need to find the angle of the linear array
#Macro ANGLE

#Calculates the angle (degrees) from the first X and Y coordinate to the last

#Calculates the Y component of slope (if X 0 the slope is positive)

#Calculates the Y/X component of slope (if X = 0 then slope = 0)

#Calculates the slope of the line (degrees)

#Calculates the slope (degrees/meter)

#Calculates the length of the line (m)

#Calculates the area of the polygon (m^2)

#Calculates the volume of the polygon (m^3)

#Calculates the total length of the linear array (m)

#Calculates the x and y coordinate of the center of the polygon (m)

#Needs an existing project (if you don’t have one use the LandWater.dwg)

#Macro CLINLINE(Crown Coastline/Linear Array)

#Returns the linear array (start x, y, xStep, yStep, length, angle)

#Creates a linear array (from xMin to xMax with step = xStep)

AEC Slope (LifeTime) Activation Code

AEC Slope represents the precision of a
measurement of the difference between
the actual and ideal values of a process
parameter. Slope values are expressed
as a percentage change in the process
parameter with respect to a percent change
in the measured value of an ideal

What’s New In?

If the tail water level is higher than the reservoir height, a segment will be formed.

If the tail water level is lower than the reservoir height, a segment will be combined into the adjacent reservoir.

Determine the segment length and calculate the slope, and you are done!

Features of AEC Slope:

Slope stability

AEC Slope can accurately calculate the stability and stability limit of a reservoir. In addition, AEC Slope can determine whether the reservoir is level with no slope, or even whether it is built on a slope.

Calculate reservoir and tail water level

Slope with grade

You can also set the minimum length of the segment according to the slope and the reservoir size.

Specify minimum slope direction

Specify the minimum slope direction, so that a reservoir can automatically combine with an adjacent reservoir.

Interpretation and value of slope

The results of AEC Slope show all data about the reservoirs in a detailed format, including the total cost of each segment, the amount of land that can be used and the ratio of surrounding land. AEC Slope can help you find the most economical solution when planning a reservoir.

The slope stability of AEC Slope is based on a stable condition that the tail water level is no less than the reservoir level, or the adjacent reservoir is combining with the reservoir.

By analyzing the slopes of reservoir, we can determine whether the proposed reservoir will be level, built on a slope or even not level with a slope.

This tool was mainly developed for reservoir planning. You can use it in other fields as well.

Facts about reservoir

Reservoir is a man-made water storage device to supply water for a specified period of time. It is also used to balance the supply and demand for a particular area and to protect the water supply in an area.

Reservoir is often used for the water-supply and irrigation in horticulture.

When building a dam or a reservoir, the height of the dam or the reservoir is the key parameter to determine the stability and performance of the reservoir.

Please click here to download the latest version of the AEC Slope toolkit.

This application includes the AEC Slope tool and is free for all users of AutoCAD.

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This application is provided as is and the developer does not provide technical support.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 8MB
DirectX®: 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2GB free space
Additional Notes: Please note that the game may need to be installed after patching for this game to work.
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.2GHz