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Ever tried to offer technical support for a complicated computer-related matter over the phone? If you did, then you know that it's not always smooth-sailing.
Of course, you could always employ the services of various screen sharing utilities which, as efficient as they may be, they're not exactly easy to set up, or versatile, for that matter.
Screen sharing has never been easier
Meet CrankWheel Screen Sharing, a uber-useful Chrome extension dedicated for anyone working in sales, marketing, tech support or advisory (consulting) jobs. In just a few words, this extension provides you with one of the most comprehensive yet straightforward ways to share your screen activity with any user on the other end (customer, advisor, and whatnot).
Before we go into the inner workings, we would like to point out right off the bat why this app is awesome. The main highlight of this extension stems from its unique accessibility. You don't need to undergo complicated installation, configuration, and pairing processes.
Convenient for both your customers and yourself
Instead, you simply need Chrome on your computer, a CrankWheel account (or you can log in using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google credentials) and Internet access, that's all. You can invite your customers to join via instantly generated links that can be shared via SMS or e-mail, in the middle of a chat over the computer or the phone.
For your customers, things are even more convenient, as they can use literally any device (Windows PCs, Macs, Android phones, iOS devices) and any web browser to view the live feed from you.
Three intuitive screen sharing modes
It's also easy to install and just as simple to get along with. By clicking its icon from the right side of Chrome's address bar, you are met by a standalone, resizable window that offers you three appropriately-named sharing options: Browser tab, Program Window, and Full Screen.
Another party piece is the fact that CrankWheel Screen Sharing allows you to visualize exactly what and if your customer sees via a smart live preview, neatly integrated into the aforementioned (resizable) window. This makes it very well suited even for slow Internet connections.
Marketing and help desk teams, as well as technical advisors, will most surely love this tool
To conclude, CrankWheel Screen Sharing is one of the most attractive Chrome extensions we have come across for a while now. It's absolutely great for anyone offering technical support or for remote teams, and it's also very well suited for users working in online sales and marketing.
Thanks to its overwhelming simplicity, the days of complicated screen sharing procedures accompanied by headaches and generic "Can you see my screen?" questions might be over.
It's free but only for individual use
To top it all off, it's free for individual use. But this extension is backed up by a service with a far greater potential, as you can see for yourself by choosing one of the available pricing plans, specially designed for teams, businesses and enterprises.


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CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome Crack+ Free Download For PC

One of the most accessible and intuitive screen sharing solutions that you have probably never heard of. If you work in sales, marketing, tech support or advisory (consulting) jobs, this extension is for you. With just a click of the Chrome extension’s icon, you can invite your customers to join virtually in a group chat via instantly generated links that can be shared via SMS or email.
• F.A.Q.
• For Businesses, Teams, and Enterprises
• Chrome extension, also available for Android and iOS
• No complicated installation, configuration or pairing processes
• Streams to Webex, GoToMeeting and Lync
• Live preview
• Not just limited to browsers
• 3 sharing modes
• Unlimited concurrent sessions
• Private sessions
• 3 pricing plans
• 30-day money-back guarantee
• Free personal use

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CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome

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CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome License Key

Screen sharing is now easier than ever with CrankWheel!
Through this simple extension, you can share any webpage, tab or application with other users, right from the browser without any other tools. You can even share your desktop, along with individual windows, giving you more control over who can see what.
You can share with anyone using any device, all in the browser.
And for convenience, the screen is live previewed, so you can see what your recipient is viewing.
-Share any website, tab, and application in the browser with anyone using any device
-Live desktop preview allows you to see what recipient is viewing
-Share any window with people using any device, in any app
-Full control over who can see what
-Integrates with your CrankWheel account to save you time sharing your screen
-And much more
Screen Sharing is now easier than ever with CrankWheel!
“CrankWheel is an extension that really makes screen sharing a lot easier.” — Jack Lee
“I really recommend this app. It is super convenient and easy to use.” — Oliver Kew
“CrankWheel is a great app with an amazing interface.” — Sam Zell
“I love the interface and that it works with a live preview.” — Russell Davies
“CrankWheel is a great extension to have.” — Shane Johnston
What’s New
-Bug Fixes
+Renew your plan at
See you in the cloud!
Updated Languages:
中文-Simplified Chinese
Español (México)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: CrankTalk is an independent publication covering the sport and business of cycling. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by any racing team, cycling club, or cycling organization.

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What’s New In?

Try our out-of-the-box and most common-sense ScreenSharing browser extension!

With Screensharing you can show your PC screen in your browser window, like an advanced video player. You can use it to show your customers, your teammates in your remote team, your product manager or to do a demo of a new feature you're working on.

It's easy to use, just add the CrankWheel ScreenSharing extension to your Chrome browser and share your screen whenever and however you want!

ScreenSharing for Teams is free for organizations. For individual use or sharing with friends you will get a 1-month free trial for 3-months. For personal accounts there is a 7-day free trial.

Most extensions are written for one specific purpose. CrankWheel ScreenSharing has been designed to be as flexible as possible, yet extensible.

“Stay connected, stay in sync. Remotely view screens, windows, or complete desktops, all while remaining invisible.”

Not everything needs to be done as soon as possible – or even at all.

A great way to get your software development, project management, or support team organized is through screen sharing.

You can set up rules and restrictions on the sharing, whether it be totally free or only on certain days of the week.

Take an invite, close the tab, sit back and see if your team finds it useful – they will!

If you are new to ScreenSharing, check out our video to the right.

The version on this page is 1.9.6

This page is compatible with Chrome v32-34, Firefox, Safari, Opera.


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At the heart of the CRANKEARTH DIRECT-PUSH system is the Mobile ScreenShare App.

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System Requirements For CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome:

OS: Windows® XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 (32bit/64bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium III
Memory: 512Mb (512Mb recommended)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS / NVidia GeForce 9600GT or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 50 Mb (50 Mb recommended)
Mouse: Microsoft compatible 6-button mouse
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible speakers