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Trustpilot is a free and easy way to avoid being ripped off when you shop online. Search results are given a check mark in green or red. Green means the site has a high rating and many positive reviews, red is a sign to stay away — the site has mostly negative reviews and lots of user complaints.
Trustpilot gives its ratings based on reviews and media stories it collects from the web. At the present time, it has over 1 million reviews and stories. The download is quick and free and is unobtrusive. All you see is a green check mark on your browser info bar (next to the home icon on IE7).
Google searches will show the check marks next to sites Trustpilot has info on, and if you visit an E-tail site directly you can use the check mark to see what the Trustpilot rating is. It’s a quick and easy way to find out if a site is safe to buy from or not.







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The Trustpilot Guard keeps you safe on the web! Internet Explorer 5 and higher are supported by this browser extension. You can also use other web browsers with the exception of Safari.
The Trustpilot Guard and Trustpilot go hand in hand, and you will be able to see sites on the web where Trustpilot has given them positive or negative reviews. Many E-tailers on the web have not set up a Trustpilot account or have never been reviewed on Trustpilot. The information you can find on Trustpilot is an easy and quick way to look at the overall opinions of their shoppers and their shopping experience. The information is protected by a confidentiality agreement, meaning that once you are logged in you will see the information, but your IP address and other identifying information are not visible.
If a site has more than 200 reviews, then the site will be protected by the Trustpilot Guard. If a site does not have enough reviews, then you will get the warning about not being able to provide adequate security and information.
One of the best parts of the Trustpilot Guard is that you can easily filter reviews. When you first install the extension and log in you will be asked to choose your location. The location can be set in your browser, so that when you visit the site you will be seeing the Trustpilot ratings.
You can also choose to display only positive reviews and see only sites that have more than 30 reviews. The Trustpilot Guard will also list sites that have asked to be added to the list of Trustpilot approved sites.
All of this can be done by simply clicking on the Trustpilot Guard icon on the top right of your browser. You will see a list of all the stores you have visited (if you use the filter you can also set to only show the site).
You can also log in and out of Trustpilot if you want. To log in just click on the Trustpilot icon in the browser, click on the Trustpilot tab, enter your login name and password and then click on the check mark to log in. The log in and out button is located in the top right of the page.
You can also review a site, for example, on the page by clicking on the icon. If you want to visit a site that is not on the list, simply search for it and the Trustpilot Guard will take you directly to it.
Trustpilot Guard Key Features:

Trustpilot Guard 2.1.5 [32|64bit]

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Example: “Keyboard – music – keyboard music”
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Trustpilot Guard 2.1.5

The free Trustpilot checker gives you a way to check the safety of websites you plan to visit.
It’s easy to use and gives a visual indication of the site’s trustworthiness.
Gives a green checkmark for sites you can trust.
Gives a red X if there are lots of problems.
The test results are for an individual website.
Currently only available for the browsers of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Does not work with Internet Explorer 8, 7 and earlier versions.
You can use the browser extension, or if you want to use the site, use the ‘Check Now’ button on the site.
Trustpilot allows you to see the site’s Trustpilot rating, which is based on positive reviews and media coverage.
You can find out more about how it works here.
Online Checker Features:
SafetyCheck is a quick, visual way to check if a site you are about to visit is a safe place to shop.
SafetyCheck is designed to help you decide whether to visit a site or not.
It gives you a green check mark or red cross if a site is safe or unsafe.
The site information includes the site’s safety rating and issues related to the site that may harm you or your children.
Look for the SafetyCheck logo and follow the link.
Look at the site rating and the number of reviews and reports.
What is a Google Safe Browsing?
Google Safe Browsing is a program that Google uses to help the Internet community, including trusted websites, combat harmful, malicious, and deceptive sites.
A listing of sites that are currently being reviewed by Google Safe Browsing.
For a description of what they look for, and how to determine if a site is malicious.
Users of the Internet can report a site to Google.
Each report is reviewed by Google staff and responded to within 24-72 hours.
Google also reviews every site on a regular basis.
What is Safe Browsing?
Safe Browsing was designed to protect you from harmful and malicious software.
The main purpose of the program is to make your Internet experience safe and secure.
The Safe Browsing program works with a database of 25,000 URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)
as of January 2007.
A URL is a web address.
Search for a URL on the Internet, and it will bring you to its location on the web.

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